CBD is what started the hemp revolution, but delta 8 is here to finish it.

Many of our customers are turning to delta 8 THC because of the advantages it brings from a legal perspective — but there’s more to this useful cannabinoid than legal exemptions.

Here are five of the main reasons people turn to delta 8 THC in the realm of self-growth, exploration, and wellness.


One of the main characteristics of delta 8 is its ability to clear the cobwebs out of the mind, kind of like a cup of coffee will, but with more intensity.

We’ve found that a large portion of our customers uses delta 8 THC for its ability to soothe that ever-present voice. These are the types of people who find it especially difficult to focus on one task at a time. As soon as something is started, only half of their attention is available to finish the job — the other half is off somewhere else thinking about what they should order for dinner or other projects and responsibilities. Delta 8 can help reduce some of these tendencies to let the mind wander and helps you see the task in a new light.

Some people like these benefits when they experience the exact opposite — when their mind feels like it’s moving too slowly. They’re unable to find the words they’re looking for without exerting considerable conscious effort.

Of course, use too much and you’ll be in your own world, forget what you’re doing, and probably not get much done.


The article you’re reading right now was written while under the influence of delta 8 THC.

The rest of the creative team here finds delta 8 is just the catalyst we need when we’re stuck creatively — which happens a lot. Being creative isn’t easy. It requires the ability to allow information to flow freely through the brain with as little resistance as possible.

There are many causes of this resistance — such as a lack of inspiration or feeling distracted.

It’s also common for creatives to find themselves in a bit of a corner. When you’ve spent so much time working on one topic or domain, it isn’t easy to pull new ideas out of thin air.

Delta 8 seems perfect for enhancing the creative process, facilitating flow states, and changing perspective just enough to find new angles in their creative endeavors.


The number one reason our customers report using delta 8 THC — is simply because of how calming it is.

This can’t be overstated.

Even though the potency of delta 8 is about half as strong as delta 9 in terms of its psychological effects, the relaxing qualities are easily twice as strong for delta 8.

Delta 8 THC doesn’t necessarily make you feel couch-locked — instead, it makes you feel lighter and more laid back. Many people say they feel as though they’re floating.

This is a common sensation brought on by calming substances like L-theanine, kava, Kanna, and passionflower. It’s also the feeling many avid meditators experience after a particularly “productive” meditation practice.

The idea is that when you’re feeling relaxed and at peace in your own mind, the resistance you constantly face is eliminated. You feel as though you’re moving through life with more fluidity. Everything becomes more passive and efficient.

It’s like the old Taoist concept of Wu-Wei — which is a concept that describes effortless action. You’re doing stuff, but it just seems to come naturally without having to exert any additional effort.


In lower doses, delta 8 is relaxing — but as you creep up into the higher doses, this effect becomes heavier.

The normal dose of delta 8 is around 10 or 20 mg — but this can vary from one person to another. For example, some people thrive better in the 30 to 40 mg range. However, most people report the higher end of this dose, starting around the 30 or 40 mg mark — makes them feel a little too relaxed.

This effect may be a benefit for some and a detriment for others. It all depends on what your goals are for using delta 8.

In general, if you’re looking to use delta 8 THC to unwind, you’re going to want to use a higher dose than you would if you planned to get some work done.


If you’ve ever used marijuana, you’re probably familiar with the concept of the munchies — that urge to find something to mindlessly eat while you go about your business.

Most people report a dramatic uptick in their desire to consume chips or pretty much anything when using delta 8 THC. Whether this is good or not depends on your situation. For example, bodybuilders and athletes often need to eat more calories and could benefit from this. The rest of us, not so much.

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