How Long is Delta-8 Good For?

How Long is Delta-8 Good For?

4 Tips on Storing Delta-8

Storing Delta-8 products is all about maximizing the flavor, potency, and efficacy. While you can’t magically increase the potency that’s already there, you can help extend the product’s shelf life. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind for when you get your hands on you own Delta-8 products.

1. Store in a Cool, Dark Place

When you’re not using Delta-8, keep it stored away in a cool, dark place. A drawer, a cabinet, or even the fridge are great spots to keep your Delta-8 supply. No matter way, keep it away from any bright lights or high temperatures.

This goes especially if you’re dealing with a Delta-8 edible like Gummies, the gummies themselves are already fragile that run the risk of melting into a messy goo. Keep your products stored away in a cool or cold location to keep them in tip-top shape!


2. Keep Products in an Airtight Container

We mentioned earlier that traditional Delta-9 THC can oxidize, which converts to CBN. Delta-8 remains stable, so it doesn’t necessarily oxidize in the same way. Keep in mind that all cannabis and hemp products do oxidize. The rest of the ingredients contained in your finished Delta-8 products don’t stay young forever. Keeping them in an airtight container will keep them sealed away from the elements. This keeps oxidizing at bay, thus keeping them fresh for a little longer!

3. Avoid Humid or Moist Environments

Moisture and humidity can drastically impact a product’s shelf life. Keep your Delta-8 away from outside in the car, anywhere in a bathroom or kitchen, especially while cooking. Overall, just avoid any humid or moist environment to keep your Delta-8 in pristine condition.

Humidity can cause the product to stick together and lessen its potency. Believe us when we say it’s a sticky situation to find yourself in. So it’s best to avoid it altogether by keeping your Delta-8 in that cool, dark place we mentioned earlier.

4. Keep It Sealed

Of course, your product can be put up in a cool, dark drawer and still be exposed. Make sure to seal it up! Keep your products in a sealed container. The less oxygen and heat that can penetrate your product, the better. The more airtight it is, the longer it lasts!

What Happens If I Take Expired Delta-8?

On the bright side, taking expired Delta-8 wouldn’t hit you like, say, spoiled milk would. An expired Delta-8 product isn’t the end of the world. Technically, it’s still “good.” The only difference is in its potency. After a Delta-8 product’s expiration date, it’s not as potent or as effective as it was when it was first manufactured. Learning how to properly store your Delta-8 can help you avoid this. It’s our goal, after all, for you to like our products so much that they never reach that expiration date.

How Long do Delta-8 Vape Cartridges Last?

Nobody likes a clogged vape cartridge! Use the above tips to preserve the life of the Delta-8. Likewise, those tips can also prevent it from clogging.

And if you’re still having an issue with your vape clogging, make sure you’re keeping the cartridge vertical. Draw extra air every time you take a puff. You can also try taking softer pulls, if that doesn’t fix it.

Another thing you can try is to taking a hit without firing the cartridge. This can sometimes clear the airway of the cartridge enough for you to actually start hitting it again. Alternatively, you can try cleaning out the mouthpiece of the cartridge. using a toothpick, safety pin, or another small object, simply stick it into the mouthpiece and rotate. Finally, you can try warming your cartridge up by firing the battery off without taking a hit. Sometimes a little preheating helps to clear the blockage.

So, how long are Delta-8 Vape Cartridges good for? If you follow our tips and store it properly, they can retain its efficacy for up to two years.

Fortunately, vaping on an expired cartridge won’t hurt you. It just won’t produce effects as strong…if at all. It also might taste a bit off.

How Long do Delta-8 Gummies Last?

Similar to vape cartridges, Delta-8 Gummies also have a shelf life of up to two years. Again, this number may vary depending on how the product is stored once you make the purchase! Follow the tips we provide above so that you can absolutely preserve the life of your product.

Optimally, you want to consume your Delta-8 Gummies within the first six to nine months. Ideally, you’ll like them so much you eat them in the first three or so months, so the idea of questioning their freshness is the furthest thing from your mind.

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